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Karin Hansvencl

Management Santulan LIFE & Ayurvedaexpert

Karin looks back on 30 years of experience in pharmacy, but her passion is Ayurveda and passing on Ayurvedic knowledge to as many people as possible. From a very early age, she has been particularly interested in holistic health and the science of medicinal plants. For Karin, the Ayurvedic teachings of getting to the bottom of the cause of an illness, looking at people holistically and teaching how to lead a simple, healthy life in balance offers the ideal approach to reach every person. She has learned and studied the Ayurvedic sciences over many years both in Germany and in India. Many stays in India's most famous Ayurveda healing center, Atmasantulana Village, gave her the opportunity to learn directly from the most experienced and best Ayurveda doctors, with whom she works very closely today. So she can offer many of the best Ayurveda therapies and treatments to people here in Germany as well.

Karin also works very closely with the well-known Santulan Aum spa center in Gleichen near Heilbronn. In our Ayurvedashop Karin has access to the excellent, naturally pure Ayurvedic Santulan products, which can then be used accordingly. It is especially the many great results that Karin has experienced in Ayurvedic treatments and therapies throughout her life that have motivated her to work for the spread of Ayurveda in Germany.  


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René Hansvencl

Managing Director of Santulan LIFE & Life in Balance Coach

René spent many years traveling the world as an investment banker. Today he advises people in companies, sports, media and the health sector. Especially in Asia he came in contact with different mediation techniques again and again. René was impressed how meditation and special breathing techniques are regularly practiced there in the lives of many families but also in the business world. Many successful and content people he met were intensively engaged in these topics and meditation was part of their everyday life. René was lucky that some people gave him a deep insight and he could learn a lot already through this. But especially long and intensive stays in India enabled him to study the scientific background as well.

For many years René was coached and learned how to introduce other people to meditation and how to make it easy and uncomplicated for them to get started. For René, meditation is by no means always just a serious thing where you sit still and listen to music. To meditate is so much more for him. Meditation is a door opener, brings joy to life, helps to overcome crises, is enormously helpful at work and - this is scientifically proven - an absolute health booster!

Learning meditation together is fun, there is also laughter and funny moments are the order of the day. René has already helped many people through his uncomplicated coaching to discover completely new things about themselves and to develop new potentials. For René, meditation and breathing techniques are the least costly and most cost-effective techniques available!


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Elvira Dilba

Yoga Instructor

Student of Shri Balaji Tambe. Studied political science and literature. Trained journalist and editor. Yoga teacher since 1996, with own practice in Frankfurt. Elvira teaches classical yoga in the tradition of Patanjali. She understands yoga as a vocation and lifestyle and has practiced the major yoga movements herself for many years. Her teaching is characterized by exactness, dynamism and humor. Elvira also offers personal coaching in Santulan LIFE.


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Sonja Heinson

Yoga Instructor

Her first contact with yoga in 2004 touched her so intensely that she decided to complete the 4-year training to become a yoga teacher BDY/EYU at the AumHari School for Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda in Frankfurt. The almost daily practice supported her on her path, showed her solutions in some life crises, trained her (self-)awareness and taught her to listen to and follow her heart.

She has been teaching for 10 years with joy and dedication. Her teaching is characterized by warmth, clarity, sensitivity, precision and Bavarian charm. Her goal is to pass on the tradition and wisdom of yoga. To show students a place where they can find peace / relaxation, recharge their batteries and neutralize stress - in other words: to bring body, mind and soul back into harmony.


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Jill Klufas

Yoga Instructor

Practice Yoga on the Mat ~ Live Yoga off the Mat

For Jill, yoga reflects life. We come to the mat to develop skills to move through our lives with kindness, gratitude and mindfulness. After finding yoga through her love of sports, her interest in the true meaning of yoga deepened when she spent a year studying different styles of yoga in India in 2005. This led her to complete a 500-hour American Yoga Alliance teaching certificate at Balance Yoga with Timo Wahl, and over 1000 hours of IHK teaching certification in 2009.

Her classes focus on a deep but playful exploration of body and mind, combining a physical focus with the values of yoga and self-acceptance. Whether building strength, deepening flexibility, or connecting with your breath and energy, Jill's dynamic vinyasa sequences uplift and empower students to explore their infinite capacities with positivity and a smile.


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Sigrid Knapp-Ulrich

Yoga Instructor

Sigrid completed her yoga training in 2019 at Inside Yoga (team of Young-Ho Kim) in Frankfurt. In 2020, she took further training in reactive and spontaneous teaching (Echo Sequencing, Hie Kim) and Yin Yoga (Markus Henning Giess), among others.

At Santulan LIFE she has been teaching on a substitute basis since 2020. In 2021 she took over the Mindful Warrior - SKY course. Her teaching is characterized by mindful, powerful and dynamic movements as well as flowing transitions. Regenerative exercises, stretching and relaxation are an important part of each class.

She enjoys reading poems and short stories during shavasana.

"Yoga to me is about creating mental clarity and structure, focusing on what's important and arriving at yourself emotionally."


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David Duarte

Yoga Instructor

David is a Hatha Yoga Instructor and Psychotherapist.

Like many of us, David's path to yoga was rocky. He comes from the world of marketing and communication where high levels of stress and urgent work culture were the order of the day. 

For a long time, David felt that something was missing: He sensed a personal upheaval intensifying. And the need that something in him required attention and recalibration. Yoga gave him the clarity and direction that was missing in his life.   

He went for a month-long traditional hatha yoga training, in Mysore, India - the birthplace of great yoga masters, a city of significant importance for yoga culture in India and the world. He became a certified yoga Alliance Instructor, and later on, a certified psychotherapist who specialized in trauma and transpersonal therapy.    

His classes invigorate the body, heighten the senses, blending movement, wisdom, mind, heart, and soul, and aim to offer doses of self-awareness and self-care for people's life tools repertoire.

"I came to yoga to be healthy and get fit, but it is not why I kept returning. I kept coming to my mat because yoga healed my life."


Davida 3

Davida Brown

Yoga Instructor

For Davida, her yoga mat evolved into the place where she could learn to be free of judgment, free of performance thinking, free of anything that was not good for her. As a result, her mat became not only a place of learning, but also a place of healing for her.

After Davida realized how much what she learned during her practice - mindfulness, patience, yielding, self-love - helped her in her everyday life as well, especially in difficult times, she decided to train as a yoga teacher in India.
In order to fully immerse herself in the teachings of yoga, she traveled to northern India, to the edge of the Himalayas, where she completed the 500-hour Alliance-Certified Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training. She deliberately chose a very challenging training in simple conditions in order to fully engage with yoga and herself. After successfully completing her training, she was offered to stay at the school and teach and train there. However, she decided to come back to Germany and teach there.

In Davida's classes, chanting short mantras to fill the mind with positive frequencies is a natural part of her teaching.
In addition, the starting point in her classes is the communication with one's own body; limits are taken into account and, if necessary, served with variations of the asanas, or with gentle postures.
She loves to get to know participants in order to be able to respond to their personal needs and to assist in the alignment of the asanas with the individual, in order to support each person's practice.

Davida has a cheerful and easy going personality, is always in a good mood and very motivated in her classes. Through her knowledge she can help many people who get involved to overcome barriers and open new doors with yoga and pranayama.


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Valerie Hansvencl


After her studies in brand management, Valerie worked in an event agency and looked after internationally operating companies. So she often had to deal with people from the USA, Asia and the Middle East. Already during her studies, she expanded the communication & digitalization for Santulan LIFE together with her family.

In addition, because so many people in today's world are under so much stress, followed by anxiety, constant pressure, stress, people-pleasing and restlessness, Valerie took advanced training in the US in meditation and coaching. She believes that everyone can find their place and value in meditation. Especially in extraordinary and challenging times, meditation is a valuable method to gather more life energy and strength.

Together with the team of Santulan LIFE it is important to her to create a very special place for people in the middle of a big city like Frankfurt am Main. A place where you feel comfortable from the first moment, can be as you are and return home positively motivated.


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